Ocha USB Logger Devices

The Optimal Choice Of Analog Telephony Device For Complete Voice Logging

Ocha USB Logger Device puts forth a comprehensive and coherent voice recording solution promising the ultimate customer service over phone. The USB Logger Device maintains complete call logs and can be used to retrieve the recorded audio to achieve proper functioning at your workplace. It is a multi-channel voice logging tool that works in solidarity with audio channels to record analog lines. The USB Logger Devices supports both Analog (upto 8 channels) and Digital (30 channels) lines. The device comes into use while reviewing the call records of the customers and thus helps in ensuring absolute customer satisfaction. The voice recording device is put into use at various types of organisations, from call centres, corporate offices, hospitals to financial instituitions like banks, for easy call recording purposes.

2 Line Analog USB Logger Device 4 Line Analog USB Logger Device
8 Line Analog USB Logger Device Single ISDN PRI USB Logger Device