Ocha Products

Voice Cards

The Ocha telephony voice cards are a cost-effective, advanced and highly sustainable digital audio cards used for developing end-user telecommunication solutions with utmost ease and convenience. The advanced telephony hardware delivers feature rich and easy to manage architecture, extremely useful for rapid development and deployment of Computer Telephony Integrated (CTI) voice solutions.The voice cards are built with excellent technical expertise and product knowledge to empower flawless ISDN PRI E1 connectivity and is capable to support upto 60 voice channels.

Ocha Voice Cards

  • Automated answering saves time
  • Simplifies operational process
  • Reduces operational cost
  • Enhances customer satisfaction
  • Improves customer service
  • Faster access to information

Logger Cards

Ocha Logger Card Series include world-class cost-effective, advanced and highly sustainable analog and digital audio interface cards that provide powerful features extremely useful for call recording requirements. The Logger Cards enable smooth call connectivity and comprises of powerful features to support low, medium to high-density call recording requirements. The Analog PCIe Logger card supports recording upto 16 channels and the Digital Logger Cards comprises of Single (30 channels), Dual (60 channels) and Quad ISDN PRI (120 channels) tapping capability on E1 lines. Each card occupies PCI Express slot and are designed to be fully compatible with existing software applications. The PCIe hardware integrates seamlessly with the standard PC/Server platforms. The unique hardware architecture enables higher performance at a low price point enabling small and medium business to fully set up and meet the specific call recording needs of the organisation.

Ocha Voice Cards

  • Record & audit calls for swift operations
  • Keep audio logs for future reference
  • Easily handle disputes related to phone enquiries
  • Meet the service requirements & keep records
  • Identify unwanted calls & reduce misuse
  • Improve quality of service

USB Logger Devices

Ocha USB Logger Device puts forth a comprehensive and coherent voice recording solution promising the ultimate customer service over phone. The USB Logger Device maintains complete call logs and can be used to retrieve the recorded audio to achieve proper functioning at your workplace. It is a multi-channel voice logging tool that works in solidarity with audio channels to record analog lines. The USB Logger Devices supports both Analog (upto 8 channels) and Digital (30 channels) lines. The device comes into use while reviewing the call records of the customers and thus helps in ensuring absolute customer satisfaction. The voice recording device is put into use at various types of organisations, from call centres, corporate offices, hospitals to financial instituitions like banks, for easy call recording purposes.

Ocha Voice Cards

  • Installation is very easy
  • Enhances organisational compliance
  • Increases operational capability
  • Leads to better management practices
  • Improves client services
  • Reduces call related disputes
  • Acts as a storehouse of call-based information