Ocha Logger Cards

Call Recording Made Easy, Fast & Secure With Ocha Analog & ISDN PRI E1 Telephony Interfaces

Ocha Logger Card Series include world-class cost-effective, advanced and highly sustainable analog and digital audio interface cards that provide powerful features extremely useful for call recording requirements. The Logger Cards enable smooth call connectivity and comprises of powerful features to support low, medium to high-density call recording requirements. The Analog Logger PCIe Card supports recording upto 16 channels and the digital Logger Cards comprises of Single (30-channels) and Quad ISDN PRI (120 channels) tapping capability on E1 lines. Each card occupies PCI express slot and are designed to be fully compatible with existing software applications. The PCIe hardware integrates seamlessly with the standard PC/Server platforms. The unique hardware architecture enables higher performance at a low price point enabling small and medium business to fully set up and meet the specific call recording needs of an organisation.

4 Line Analog PCIe Logger Card 8 Line Analog PCIe Logger Card 16 Line Analog PCIe Logger Card
Single ISDN PRI PCIe Logger Card Dual ISDN PRI PCIe Logger Card Quad ISDN PRI PCIe Logger Card