Voice Telephony Interfaces

Ocha hardware and software interfaces are specially built with excellent technical expertise and product knowledge to empower flawless Analog, ISDN PRI E1 and IP connectivity to numerous telephony software applications.

Bringing Green Revolution In Telecom Technology

Ocha provides the unique blend of expertise to deliver highly reliable and cost effective telephony products that connects smoothly to Analog, ISDN PRI E1 and VoIP networks to provide powerful voice solutions. These products offer Analog, ISDN PRI E1 station interfaces and IP-based resources to develop high performance speech applications and other telephony systems.

An organisation can utilise it to create small, mid or large-size server-based call recording solutions, value added services (VAS), rapid interactive voice response (IVR) applications, telemarketing systems, call center solutions and many more customised CTI solutions, as desired.

Ocha products are designed to fit closely with your computational and telephony needs. We encourage you to take a look at our entire product range to explore the exciting features available in it.

Voice Cards

Logger Cards

USB Logger Devices

VoIP Solution

Develop end-user telecommunication solutions with utmost ease and convenience with the use of our innovative voice and data connectivity suite termed Ocha.